Shelf Brackets — Extensions

The trickiest part of the build so far has been the (optional) shelf bracket extensions. I'm not sure if they're worth all the extra effort, but I didn't want my benchwork limited to standard bracket widths or customized to my wall stud locations in case I ever have to move. They're made from strips of 3/4" plywood glued into C-channels and require very tight tolerances to fit snugly over the brackets.

Here's what the brackets / benchwork extensions look like in place:
Extensions not fully seated to try different layout heights.

Now I can build standardized benchwork modules, easy-peasy.


  1. Aren't those O-channels, like the O-train? Maybe I'm just not up on current terms. ANYWAY, the progress looks great, Derek! And I like your thinking about future flexibility. There's nothing sadder than a layout built into its room that is never meant to move but at some point inevitably has to.
    Keep up the great work,

    1. It was easier to align / clamp a rectangle together than a C- or L- shape so the 4th side is just a temporary helper. Glad to have you following along with the build, Eric.


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